Orange is sus

Those Among Us crewmates (or imposters, I dunno) were supposed to be red, pink, and orange, but I continue to be Bad At Guessing Thread Appearance so I guess the last one is yellow. I was going to release this design today but in a weird coincidence Designs By Little Bee released a whole Among […]

Christmas present time

Nobody in my family is getting dragons for Christmas, I just didn’t want the preview image to be a spoiler. That grouping shipped out yesterday as an order (gift-wrapped, so it’s someone’s Christmas present). I bought a pack of nice fluffy hand towels at Costco, since alas Bed Bath & Beyond no longer carries the […]

Epiphany is underrated

In this year of overwhelmed shipping systems, there’s a pretty good argument for importing Epiphany into the more-or-less-secular version of Christmas. (Bear with me!) Let’s give presents again on January 6. The “Twelve Days of Christmas,” retail version, start on the first of December so you can have a bunch of one-day specials that get […]

Recovery mode

The last big drop of new shop items for the year has happened, with this motley crew of mochi dragons. I have a couple of minky colors to restock in my giant stack of almost-finished dragons, and I’ll try to honor any special requests (such as non-baby mochi dragons). Plus I have two velvet dragons […]

Black Friday sale

Okay, since I forgot to post it yesterday (if you subscribed to the shop newsletter you got the code on Wednesday): BLACKFRIDAY2020. It’s good through the end of the month, but for the rest of today it’s just automatic on the whole shop. I’m just great at this whole marketing thing, huh?

Mastering mochi, round 2

I’ve spent a little more time working with the Pure Plush, a/k/a mochi, from JoAnn, and I have some more thoughts. It’s 94% polyester, 6% spandex. That may not seem like a lot of spandex, but it’s all in the backing (I assume?) so the stretch is the same as a higher percent in a […]

It’s advent-calendar time again

I guess the new fashion in blogs is to simply recycle old posts periodically. I can’t bring myself to do that, so I’ll just link to last year’s Compact Cutting-Machine Countdown Calendar which I somehow missed the full alliteration of. I could have called it a “Compact Cricut Countdown Calendar” instead but, well, I use […]