Making an embroidery machine wireless… or not

A couple years ago, I posted that I’d plugged a Raspberry Pi into my embroidery machine so I could manage designs on it wirelessly. I had a request for a followup on that. It’s a little disappointing, I’m afraid, but I do have a little advice on managing the USB port in general. First of […]

Centerline tracing

At some point when I wasn’t looking, Inkscape snuck in a centerline tracing function. I used to have a plugin that did it, with mixed success, but now it’s built in. It does a surprisingly good job on it, even at the default settings. Stitching it out at 2.5″ wide would yield something like this, […]

Shop inventory update

I’ve been putting off a task for awhile, and finally got to it: inventorying both shops and renewing listings that have expired. I’d been letting the basic minky dragons expire figuring people could buy them as made-to-order (which are the same price), because a lot of the listings were actually for colors that I hadn’t […]

Digitizing designs with Ink/Stitch

The respiratory infections continue to linger in the household; at one point last week when we were talking about dinner plans I admitted that I had no particular preference because “everything, including my brain, is coated in a fine layer of slime.” So now “slime brain” has been our shorthand explanation for… everything. But Sudafed’s […]

Where was I?

As well as the adventuring party, I had a bunch of new dragon colors in progress before the unexpectedly-extended break (tendinitis tendinosis, then travel, then post-travel illness… it’s been awhile!) Turns out there’s a lot more than I remembered, and this isn’t even all of them. I’m going to start dropping the tiny dragons into […]


I wore a KN95 while traveling, except brief periods to eat and drink – but apparently that was enough for something I was not vaccinated against to sneak in. So no dragons this week after all, lest they serve as little plush fomites. I’ve stuck to messing with computer stuff – updating designs, and working […]