Many of my patterns are listed as Creative Commons licensed. Here is how that works out.

You may sell anything you make from any pattern that isn’t specifically listed as non-commercial (NC). Go to town! Let me know so I can link to your shop or event or whatever. You may not sell the patterns themselves (either individually or as part of a collection/magazine/etc.) without a separate licensing agreement.

Any use of a license that involves attribution (BY) needs to attribute the pattern to “Silver Seams,” linking to this site if possible (the root page).

For example, if you’re selling a Jumping Spider on Etsy, just put in the description of the item “Copyright 2019 Silver Seams, used under CC-BY license.” (Use the year of the pattern, not the current year.) If the plush has a hang tag with text on it, put the text there too. If you don’t normally put a hang tag on your items, you don’t have to put a special one on just to attribute the pattern.

The important thing is that you’re not trying to claim my patterns as your own, and that you’re not trying to conceal the fact that the pattern is freely available.

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