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  • Winding down 2021 (for the Etsy shop anyway)
    I’ve put the banner on the Etsy shop notifying that things ordered after this week may not make it by Christmas. Shipping has become fun and unpredictable. My nieces’ Advent calendars were scheduled for delivery Monday but are out for delivery today, and a recent fabric order is coming in today just came in after […]
  • A new home for little items
    Awhile back, I dropped the little embroidered items out of my place on the orange craft site because of their “Star Seller” program. I haven’t been happy with the self-hosted option; I haven’t committed to it enough to make maintaining it worthwhile. But a couple other vendors have switched to the coffeecup site for physical […]
  • Dracoraptor?
    Soon as I saw Choly Knight’s dinosaur pattern, I knew I had to try putting wings on the velociraptor to see if it would make a suitable dragon. So that was what I did this weekend, and I’m not entirely sold. I think I need to either make the arms larger or leave them off […]
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