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  • Notebook pockets, in the hoop
    You probably saw this coming: I made an in-the-hoop version of the notebook pocket. It’s simplified: only the zipper pocket, and no turning. I’ll be writing it up and adding it to the freebie list this weekend, probably. The first one I made used the full 5×7 hoop, and that works for a Leuchtturm size […]
  • Making notebook pen holder pouches
    I needed a little gift for reasons, and so finally made a little Sewing Times project: a notebook pen holder. It’s an easy little project, just a zippered pouch that happens to have elastic across the back so you can slide it over a notebook cover. There’s a video tutorial but I didn’t watch it […]
  • Cat and wolf
    Just a picture post today. Poppi was curled up on my desk having a dream; I missed getting him actually squeaking and twitching, but here’s a poorly-lit still. I’ve been struggling with some burnout, so I set aside the plushies for a little while to do some regular embroidery. This isn’t permanently put together (note […]
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