Dinomouse Ink/Stitch Alphabet

Dinomouse Ink/Stitch Alphabet

Update: DinoMouse is now part of the official Ink/Stitch package, as of 2.2.0! There’s no real reason to download the Ink/Stitch version now, but I’ll leave this page in place for posterity.

Ink/Stitch has the ability to add a custom font directory, into which you can unpack this ZIP file (it should end up with files in a subdirectory) and have a new alphabet appear automatically in the Lettering tool. By default, it’s the 72pt version of Octavio Codrea’s OpenType “Dinomouse.” Capital letters are about 18mm (just under 3/4”), and the satin lines are generally 2.5mm. The Lettering tool will allow you to scale it down to 50%; if you want to go smaller you can just resize the Inkscape object and it’ll happen, but I don’t recommend it.

[Dinomouse (ZIP)]

As with other free embroidery patterns here, the SVG file is included in the ZIP package so you can modify it in Inkscape and produce your own variations/sizes/etc. }

This is copyrighted by Silver Seams in the year noted in its URL, and licensed under Creative Commons’ CC-BY-SA. This basically means you’re free to sell items you make from it, provided you give reasonable attribution, and that if you modify it you’re required to share your changes with the world under the same license (the actual legal bits are in the link).

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