Wireless USB stick update

Hopefully the last time I’ll take up time with this, but I’ve built the pre-configured image for the SD card. The from-scratch steps were all just copy-pasting but it is a lot of copy-pasting so it sounds pretty intimidating. So here’s all you’ll need to do to make a USB-type embroidery machine (or any other […]

Centerline tracing

At some point when I wasn’t looking, Inkscape snuck in a centerline tracing function. I used to have a plugin that did it, with mixed success, but now it’s built in. It does a surprisingly good job on it, even at the default settings. Stitching it out at 2.5″ wide would yield something like this, […]

Digitizing designs with Ink/Stitch

The respiratory infections continue to linger in the household; at one point last week when we were talking about dinner plans I admitted that I had no particular preference because “everything, including my brain, is coated in a fine layer of slime.” So now “slime brain” has been our shorthand explanation for… everything. But Sudafed’s […]

Will It Blend?

It’s been awhile since I did a “stick something in the embroidery machine and see what happens.” I decided that, rather than make a boring embroidered dot for the license plate screws, I’d put some scrapbooking brads in these fobs. There are actually brads that look like screw heads but I don’t have any that […]

Another Taskwarrior brainstorm

Still working my way through the partially-finished dragon stash, and have made an important change to my Taskwarrior setup. I have complained about the recurring tasks swamping the one-time stuff, and had ended up with a little scratch spreadsheet where I was taking notes on each dragon type I wanted to make. And then I […]

Embroidered fairy wings

I used up all my heavy wash-away stabilizer making the lace wings for the previous shop drop, but I was still in the mood to make some fun dragon wings. The canary minky restock arrived so I could do a proper set of rosy maple moth dragons – an applique design I made awhile back […]

Mask up!

The foiled velvets may be my new favorites, but they are not my lungs’ favorites. Polyester velvets are great about throwing tiny, irritating fibers around, and I keep saying I’m going to get a valved N95 to use for them. This time I wore my everyday N95 (which is rapidly deteriorating, but no longer life-essential […]

Making good fabric choices

I went to point someone to the story of the galaxy velvet and… it’s not here on the blog? The picture of the car is in the media archives, but evidently I changed my mind on that post. Weird. Anyway, here is the story of how I came to be in possession of fabric that […]

The embroidery resizing problem

I got a question on Instagram: “Do you think Inkscape would be an option for a beginner to combine/resize/edit existing designs?” The short answer is “yes/maybe/yes,” but that “maybe” was too long for an Instagram comment so here’s a little more about it for people new to embroidery. If you already know about fill resizing, […]