Roundup: Practical sewing projects

I gotta admit: I don’t do a lot of practical sewing. When I do, most of it is gifts and I don’t take many pictures of those. But I love to subscribe to blogs about them, and squirrel away ideas for future gifts, so here’s some of them. SewingTimes has videos, which make me feel […]

Roundup: Snap tab supplies

I’ve mentioned a lot of these things in various posts about my freebie designs, but it’s time to put them all in one place. Bunch of Amazon affiliate links, but I’ll talk about other places I get things. I’m kind of targeting the would-be small Etsy seller because, well, that’s what I am. You might […]

Roundup: Jointing Bears and Plush

I started out to make a roundup of bear-making instructions, but realized there are so many different ways to joint bears (or dolls or plushies) that it deserved a whole post of its own. There are a wide variety of joint types: Thread joint – suitable for floppy joints that don’t get much stress Button […]