Help, I can’t stop making butterfly dragons

I said the last shop drop would be the last fairy dragons for awhile but, uh, they’re still happening. It’s not my fault the embroidery design companies all put their butterfly designs on sale the week I started doing these, but now I have more designs than I’ve stitched out… and I keep doing monarchs […]

Have a cookie

Some days my ADHD is perfectly under control. Other days I get obsessed with making an embroidery pattern for an Oreo cookie because someone asked about using hot glue on minky. It turned out they were a newbie trying to figure out how to attach the layers of a sandwich cookie. And that’s a thing […]

Still in transit, still arriving late

If you keep track of these things (which seems unlikely) you’ll have noticed I missed the Friday blog post; Carl’s mom had a health scare and I bundled him onto a plane. Fortunately it ended up being fine, and he got to have a relative nice Mother’s Day visit. So it was a relatively tiny […]

Cohoot plushie

It is about to be a fourth Saturday so you know what that means: OH CRUD I GOTTA ACTUALLY FINISH SOME PROJECTS! I talked about the Daruma-doll “cohoot” in the potion dangle design, and it has not the fauxmiibo stickers but sturdy little PVC “coins,” one in each wing and one in the tail. That’s […]

Still more mochi

Naturally, after all my articles about mochi, JoAnn has essentially stopped carrying Pure Plush. I’ve never been able to get plain white, and the colors they did carry were a bit weird (my color sheet is here), so I broke down and ordered some direct from Shenzhen. I got plain white and an arbitrary brown […]

Then and now

I have mentioned my patchwork multi-generation thread collection; I have finally started to run out of medium browns. A quick Internet search turned up that JP Coats 48A is “London Tan,” a color that’s still made by Coats & Clark. Not that I needed an exact match, but when buying online/curbside it’s nice to not […]

Pandemic shortages

I was very proud of myself for reordering my stabilizer before I really ran low, and then it didn’t ship for over a week. A week that I did a whole bunch of experimentation and used much more than usual. Oops. I can’t really get mad at anybody trying to run a warehouse business in […]

One out of three ain’t bad

I’m accumulating way too many “things to do when I get the workroom project done.” The latest: taco fabrics. The filling looks good, but the tortillas need a lot of color tuning. (It’s even worse than the camera makes it look here.)