Then and now

I have mentioned my patchwork multi-generation thread collection; I have finally started to run out of medium browns. A quick Internet search turned up that JP Coats 48A is “London Tan,” a color that’s still made by Coats & Clark. Not that I needed an exact match, but when buying online/curbside it’s nice to not […]

Pandemic shortages

I was very proud of myself for reordering my stabilizer before I really ran low, and then it didn’t ship for over a week. A week that I did a whole bunch of experimentation and used much more than usual. Oops. I can’t really get mad at anybody trying to run a warehouse business in […]

One out of three ain’t bad

I’m accumulating way too many “things to do when I get the workroom project done.” The latest: taco fabrics. The filling looks good, but the tortillas need a lot of color tuning. (It’s even worse than the camera makes it look here.)

I gave in to temptation

But only a little. It was a neat dragon design, I had to try it out. The larger version is going on a tablet sleeve for me, but I might re-do it in the purple/blue/cyan instead of shades-of-blue. It also looks neat, at least on my screen, in reversed colors (or un-reversed colors), if I […]

It’s advent-calendar time again

I guess the new fashion in blogs is to simply recycle old posts periodically. I can’t bring myself to do that, so I’ll just link to last year’s Compact Cutting-Machine Countdown Calendar which I somehow missed the full alliteration of. I could have called it a “Compact Cricut Countdown Calendar” instead but, well, I use […]

Getting ready for Halloween

The neighborhood consensus is that kids have lost enough, we’re going to do Halloween as normally as possible under the circumstances. I usually do something like a “pumpkin” patch (where the pumpkins are orange balloons attached to treat bags) anyway, and I think this year will be a u-pick apple orchard. I’ve got clothesline, and […]