Cat and wolf

Just a picture post today. Poppi was curled up on my desk having a dream; I missed getting him actually squeaking and twitching, but here’s a poorly-lit still. I’ve been struggling with some burnout, so I set aside the plushies for a little while to do some regular embroidery. This isn’t permanently put together (note […]

Happy Labor Day (US)

Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention (possible!) but I feel like there was a lot of stuff that got elided in my public-school education. Anyway, happy cookout day from me and my 100% employee-owned business.

Shop inventory update

I’ve been putting off a task for awhile, and finally got to it: inventorying both shops and renewing listings that have expired. I’d been letting the basic minky dragons expire figuring people could buy them as made-to-order (which are the same price), because a lot of the listings were actually for colors that I hadn’t […]

I’ll be right back

Just gonna check out the other side of this door real quick. (Not gonna make a shop drop this Saturday; more details in a week or so. Nothing too serious, just a confluence of several smaller delays.)

How not to use a Cameo 4

I was kind of hoping today’s blog post would be showing how to use a Cameo 4 to cut minky but I’ve ended up only spending a few minutes playing with it so far. All I’ve learned is that it does have a lot more pressure than previous Cameos. I just have to find the […]


The heat broke yesterday, the humidity plummeted (mostly literally; it rained buckets) and I got out to trim the hellstrip, change the birdbath water, and generally enjoy our yard. The little plants that I thought were some kind of creeping vine bloomed, and I realized they’re not a vine at all but little orchids. Evidently […]