Downtime week

I and one of my assistants have been spending some time learning how to use the new Cameo 4, but we haven’t had any more hands-on (or paws-on) time with it yet. I’ve also been cutting out (by hand) all kinds of fabric for the Adventuring Party’s costumes, but I haven’t started assembling anything yet. […]

Dragons on my worktable

My wrist is still recovering; it was bothering me before I tackled the armor for the dragon paladin and sewing snaps on vinyl really aggravated it. I am not sure where my wrist brace got to and I realized I hadn’t seen it since the move so I broke down and bought another yesterday and […]

So this happened

As I mentioned on Friday: I got a new embroidery machine. I’d been hoping Robin would get a Janome Memory Craft 500e as a trade-in, and she told me it was unlikely since she was a Brother dealer. I’d’ve “settled” for a big ol’ used Innov-is but that wasn’t likely to happen either, the Innov-is […]

The mini-comp cover revised, and hatching a dragon

The ongoing project to bring all the freebies up to current Ink/Stitch standards continues with the revision of the Mini Composition Book Cover. I had a request to restock the Shadow Dragon and realized I had almost no fold-over elastic left after the early-pandemic elastic shortage (extended family members sported masks with unusually-festive elastic colors […]

Dropped a drop

While the scheduled shop drops have mostly kept me on track, they obviously haven’t entirely done it, and if you’ve been keeping track this past Saturday should have been a drop and… it wasn’t. I’m going to go ahead and list the mystique dragons when they’re finished rather than wait for a drop since they’re […]

The new Ink/Stitch is here!

Of course, it requires Inkscape 1.0 and I’ve been on 0.92 because there’s been a bug for months that keeps the AppImage from running on Debian, the ppa they list for Ubuntu does not get along with Debian, and I categorically refuse to install another package manager so I’m not trying the Flatpak version (though […]

Good news, bad news

Partway through a large(ish) restocking push this week, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t make the plain little plush dragons fast enough to make my revenue targets, at current prices. I had already come to the conclusion that I can’t sell dragons fast enough to make my targets, also at current prices. […]

More anniversary musings

Last time I mentioned this, I kind of gave the “how I got here” recap. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the “where do I go from here” plan. My initial idea was that I would try it for a year and see if it was making money. At the one-year point? I was shut […]


If you want to get technical, Silver Seams has been around since February of 2003 (or a little before, but that was when the domain was first registered). But in a very real sense it has its two-year anniversary last week and I didn’t really notice. The first sale was April 8, 2019, and was […]

An unexpected problem

Not the inadequate size of the light box (hello, corners!); that’s an ongoing issue. And not the inability to take a good picture for a change – these things are *very* camera-friendly. And not that these were cheap knockoffs; they’re properly licensed and in fact I was directed to them by the artist. No, the […]