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Closing Day

We're done! Except for the actual moving.

Retiring Discourse

After the big move, I'm going to give up and create a Facebook group, since that's what works, I guess.

The wanderers return

Never expected to see this trio again.

Catchup time

There's never a good time to get food poisoning, but I think I've discovered the worst.

Wrapping up 2022

It could have been worse.

A belated November recap

The end of November/start of December slipped past me in the chaos of that week.

Finally went to the new JoAnn

The largest JoAnn in the state opened a month ago and I finally swung by it and... whew.

Frosty the snowderp

Mistakes were made.

Mastodon? More like Casted-On

I may have made a terrible mistake

October recap

Let's look at what happened in October.

New products, old products

The (glitter-)dust is starting to settle, I think?

Pour one out for Fabric dot com

Evidently Amazon is shutting Fabric dot com down.

Websites are made of glitter

No, hear me out.

Okay, not giving up yet

Still pretty discouraged.

The best-laid business plans of mice and Karen

Awesome. Shopify may have killed my business.

Revisiting Shopify

Pobody's nerfect.

Simplifying my life

Okay, not really. But simplifying some of my designs.

Of motorcycles and embroidery machines

Never get an embroidery machine you can't lift.

Dino nuggets, eggs, and Chihuahuas

I usually try to take weekends off, but I was all over the map this one.

September recap

Let's look at what happened in September.

This IS My Halloween Costume

Life with ADHD means a constant battle with the calendar.

A new family member

Last week's trip involved picking up a new-to-me embroidery machine.

The real reason for the season

I joined the Indie Sellers Guild.

August recap

Let's look at what happened in August.

Octopuppies and fluffy puppies

Clearly it's Market Research Week here at the blog, because I have questions.

How to name your dragon

Embroidering on tiny minky dragons isn't very practical, so for some personalized dragons I suggested some little collars.

July recap

Let's look at what happened in July.

Pattern purge

Past Karen had some questionable taste in patterns.

Eye test

I finally got around to trying out a new eye option.

Poison dart dragon!

Finally finished the dragon version that inspired the frog.

Taskwarrior, revisited

I haven't posted on Taskwarrior, and ADHD, in awhile.

It's okay to log off

Here's your permission, in Manuskript Gotisch so it's official.

Hexie testing

I have way too many unfinished projects right now.

Etsy strike?

Apparently there's an Etsy strike happening next week.

Still fighting with computers

Instead of getting the new zipper pouch design up, I fixed the forum's server and made a double-dragon valet tray...