Dropped a drop

While the scheduled shop drops have mostly kept me on track, they obviously haven’t entirely done it, and if you’ve been keeping track this past Saturday should have been a drop and… it wasn’t. I’m going to go ahead and list the mystique dragons when they’re finished rather than wait for a drop since they’re […]

The new Ink/Stitch is here!

Of course, it requires Inkscape 1.0 and I’ve been on 0.92 because there’s been a bug for months that keeps the AppImage from running on Debian, the ppa they list for Ubuntu does not get along with Debian, and I categorically refuse to install another package manager so I’m not trying the Flatpak version (though […]

Good news, bad news

Partway through a large(ish) restocking push this week, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t make the plain little plush dragons fast enough to make my revenue targets, at current prices. I had already come to the conclusion that I can’t sell dragons fast enough to make my targets, also at current prices. […]

More anniversary musings

Last time I mentioned this, I kind of gave the “how I got here” recap. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the “where do I go from here” plan. My initial idea was that I would try it for a year and see if it was making money. At the one-year point? I was shut […]


If you want to get technical, Silver Seams has been around since February of 2003 (or a little before, but that was when the domain was first registered). But in a very real sense it has its two-year anniversary last week and I didn’t really notice. The first sale was April 8, 2019, and was […]

An unexpected problem

Not the inadequate size of the light box (hello, corners!); that’s an ongoing issue. And not the inability to take a good picture for a change – these things are *very* camera-friendly. And not that these were cheap knockoffs; they’re properly licensed and in fact I was directed to them by the artist. No, the […]

Mochi color reference, Shenzhen edition

I know doing this for Pure Plush basically caused it to be discontinued, but hopefully that won’t happen here. My mochi/squish fabric arrived, and I took pictures of it with the Shannon Cuddle 3 reference card, and I listed the excess on Etsy – so if you want a fat quarter or half yard, faster […]

Bales of mochi

Three of the four packages of mochi arrived! Naturally, it happened while I’m thoroughly booked making sparkly dragons, so I don’t plan on making more mochi dragons for another couple of weeks unless someone requests them – but once I get comparison pictures made with the Shannon color reference I’ll put fat quarters in the […]


There’s been a March Meet The Maker hashtag on Instagram, and yesterday’s prompt was “job[s]” so I took the opportunity to list a few of the jobs inherent in running a crafting business. It’s an important thing to take into account when pricing goods. I left off “social media manager” and also left off the […]

Valet Trays (2021 version)

Periodically I need to revisit older embroidery designs because Ink/Stitch has changed things and they no longer work quite right. In this case, I had used circle objects to represent snap placement, confident that Ink/Stitch could only handle them after they’d been turned into paths. Well, that’s changed, so I’ve moved the snaps onto a […]