Another UFO Monday

It’s another shop-drop week and I currently have one (1) dragon finished. I have not been not-busy, I’ve just gone down a couple of rabbit trails – the Oreo, revamping the Pernese dragon fobs, stitching out some more Love Bug Trumps Hate fobs, finally making a test shoulder dragon (sometimes first drafts look like sweet […]

Embroidering on mochi

I had someone ask how well mochi took embroidery and had to admit that I had only done the dragon wings. Now I can say with more authority: it works fine. I had bought a whole bunch of flesh tones and decided I ought to actually sew some human-ish dolls. This is “Light Orange”, which […]

Lots of progress, nothing finished

One of the to-do’s in my daily Taskwarrior is “Finish a project, no matter how tiny,” and that one has kind of been honored in the breach lately. At least I haven’t ordered a bunch of fabric, JoAnn boxes notwithstanding. (That’s from two yards of glow Sew Lush for a throw for a niece, if […]

I have a new favorite fabric

It is, of course, discontinued, because my love affairs with fabric are always doomed. But it’s still available in quite a few color options. Silver and gold are in my cart, though with as little as there is of silver (that’s at most three orders, since clearances are 2-yard minimum) I might not get it […]

Dragon sizes

The original standing dragons were sized to fit in my 5×7″ hoop. Some while back I decided to revise the design and one thing led to another, and I had baby dragons: chunkier legs and bodies, shorter muzzles, slightly different wings, and looking up slightly so they could have cute pairings with the older design: […]

Buried treasures

In the course of organizing the too many projects I have going on, I have also been figuring out which tiny-dragon colors need restocked and which ones have just never even gotten listed. The bejeweled beanie is literally Task ID (but not priority) 1 in my Taskwarrior list, but since I stopped stocking the beanie […]

Tiny rainbow sparkle dragons!

Although I promised the rainbow sparkle dragons a week ago on the coming-soon newsletter, they didn’t appear because somehow I lost them. I’m sure I put them somewhere very safe (code in this household for “I put them somewhere out of the way temporarily and then promptly forgot where”) but I am utterly stumped. I […]