Rainbow sparkle dragon!

Yes, I know I said I was going to only do restocks until I had the beanie dragon pattern ready for testing. We all know how that goes. Sometime next week I’ll have these three colors of dragons ready to go, along with the various bats, and probably some Valentine-themed special-edition dragons. If you’re not […]

Orange is sus

Those Among Us crewmates (or imposters, I dunno) were supposed to be red, pink, and orange, but I continue to be Bad At Guessing Thread Appearance so I guess the last one is yellow. I was going to release this design today but in a weird coincidence Designs By Little Bee released a whole Among […]

Christmas present time

Nobody in my family is getting dragons for Christmas, I just didn’t want the preview image to be a spoiler. That grouping shipped out yesterday as an order (gift-wrapped, so it’s someone’s Christmas present). I bought a pack of nice fluffy hand towels at Costco, since alas Bed Bath & Beyond no longer carries the […]

Am I a joke to you?

At least, that’s what I assume my embroidery machine is thinking. My husband asked for a Four Seasons motel tag, and I did need to test out that font, so I ended up stitching a couple out. And my sister was talking about my nieces wanting the Elf on the Shelf again and complaining it […]

Making a tiny font

Ink/Stitch comes with a lettering capability these days, and several fonts of varying sizes. Inspired by recent events and the existence of the motel key fob blank design, I had to whip up a quick one but I wasn’t really happy with the lettering. For one thing, my machine doesn’t cut jump threads and so […]

Mastering mochi

Mochi, a kind of minky fleece that is extremely short-pile and that, inexplicably, includes spandex so it’s absurdly stretchy, is the new hotness in some circles. I got some by accident, hated trying to align it while sewing, and decided I hated it. But then I started seeing new, irresistible patterns, and there is something […]

Pyramid pouch

Some of the shiny fabrics I snagged at JoAnn this week were foiled cottons – good for dragon wings but not so much for dragons, which require a stretchy fabric. Six yards will go a long way in just dragon wings, so I thought I’d use some of it for other things. I decided, with […]

More notebook covers

The shop traffic has been way up but the sales have been way down, so in keeping with the current economy I’m going to stock some more inexpensive items, including notebook covers and valet trays. I acquired a few more fun designs: the pictured Mother Dragon, another dragon skull, and a Three Wolf Moon (which […]