Soon as I saw Choly Knight’s dinosaur pattern, I knew I had to try putting wings on the velociraptor to see if it would make a suitable dragon. So that was what I did this weekend, and I’m not entirely sold. I think I need to either make the arms larger or leave them off […]

More Christmasks

I’ve reached the awkward time of year where I can’t show any of the stuff I’m working on because they’re presents. But I did make some more mask extenders and realized there was a glitch in the file and the final outline wasn’t generating in the stitch files. So if you downloaded the wide version, […]

Christmas wrapping

I feel a little bad about the first two countdown calendars that went out because after those I ran across a wrapping technique that’s a little more elegant than my “roll it up in tissue paper and stick a seal on it.” (Honestly there are so many skills a small π’Άπ“‡π“‰π’Ύπ“ˆπ’Ύπ“ƒπ’Άπ“ shop needs: photography, product […]

The orcas have arrived!

I had some Spoondollars to spend from cut-and-sew pug sales, so I proofed a couple new print-on-demand designs – a cut-and-sew orca based on the in-the-hoop one that I’ll be publishing Real Soon Now. There’s the natural colors one, and a purple nebula orca that I’m gonna get stitched up here shortly, so I can […]

The Herbie bag

The red-white-and-blue piece I showed in Friday’s post has become part of a zipper bag, though I’m not 100% thrilled with it. Because it’s such an odd shape, I made a flat-sewn bag, and it feels a little too raw and unfinished to me. But I’m really proud of the embroidery design, and it’ll find […]

Another zip bag

Working on a tutorial. Ironically, taking pictures of each step distracted me such that I left out a step (the side loop). Update: the tutorial is done. I left out the side loop on the next one as well. Clearly this is not a thing people with ADHD should do.

I finished a project!

It shouldn’t that big a deal, but I’m very pleased about it. (And it always is that big a deal.) I mean, I’ve finished a lot of things, but “eight more tiny dragons” isn’t anything worth blogging about, though it’s nice for the business. And it’s not any of the poseables in various states of […]

Back to “normal”

I didn’t want to make too much of a fuss about it because the house was sitting empty this trip, but we spent last week in Wichita for Carl’s mom’s funeral. Right before it, I got a request for 45(!) tiny dragons. That was not doable even without a trip in the middle (I’m coming […]

Still Inktobering

I’d like to say the picture is fuzzy because there’s going to be a big reveal but no, I was just too concerned about the white balance to get the focus right. Time to set the light box back up and do proper photography, since I at least have a few dice trays to put […]

Notebook pockets, in the hoop

You probably saw this coming: I made an in-the-hoop version of the notebook pocket. It’s simplified: only the zipper pocket, and no turning. I’ll be writing it up and adding it to the freebie list this weekend, probably. The first one I made used the full 5×7 hoop, and that works for a Leuchtturm size […]