I have a new favorite fabric

It is, of course, discontinued, because my love affairs with fabric are always doomed. But it’s still available in quite a few color options. Silver and gold are in my cart, though with as little as there is of silver (that’s at most three orders, since clearances are 2-yard minimum) I might not get it […]

Dragon sizes

The original standing dragons were sized to fit in my 5×7″ hoop. Some while back I decided to revise the design and one thing led to another, and I had baby dragons: chunkier legs and bodies, shorter muzzles, slightly different wings, and looking up slightly so they could have cute pairings with the older design: […]

Buried treasures

In the course of organizing the too many projects I have going on, I have also been figuring out which tiny-dragon colors need restocked and which ones have just never even gotten listed. The bejeweled beanie is literally Task ID (but not priority) 1 in my Taskwarrior list, but since I stopped stocking the beanie […]

Tiny rainbow sparkle dragons!

Although I promised the rainbow sparkle dragons a week ago on the coming-soon newsletter, they didn’t appear because somehow I lost them. I’m sure I put them somewhere very safe (code in this household for “I put them somewhere out of the way temporarily and then promptly forgot where”) but I am utterly stumped. I […]

The return of the Love Dragon

Last year, I finished what ended up being the last of the velvet art dragons: the one that’s alternated between “Love Dragon” and “Dragonheart” in my informal naming scheme. It is a wholly ridiculous beast, because fuchsia is a wholly ridiculous color, and my Etsy customer base clearly agreed and… didn’t buy it. In their […]

Rainbow sparkle dragon!

Yes, I know I said I was going to only do restocks until I had the beanie dragon pattern ready for testing. We all know how that goes. Sometime next week I’ll have these three colors of dragons ready to go, along with the various bats, and probably some Valentine-themed special-edition dragons. If you’re not […]