• Notebook pockets, in the hoop
    You probably saw this coming: I made an in-the-hoop version of the notebook pocket. It’s simplified: only the zipper pocket, and no turning. I’ll be writing it up and adding it to the freebie list this weekend, probably. The first one I made used the full 5×7 hoop, and that works for a Leuchtturm size […]
  • Making notebook pen holder pouches
    I needed a little gift for reasons, and so finally made a little Sewing Times project: a notebook pen holder. It’s an easy little project, just a zippered pouch that happens to have elastic across the back so you can slide it over a notebook cover. There’s a video tutorial but I didn’t watch it […]
  • Cat and wolf
    Just a picture post today. Poppi was curled up on my desk having a dream; I missed getting him actually squeaking and twitching, but here’s a poorly-lit still. I’ve been struggling with some burnout, so I set aside the plushies for a little while to do some regular embroidery. This isn’t permanently put together (note […]
  • Do your Christmas shopping/shipping EARLY
    I just got yet another “plan ahead” email from a supplies vendor. Sure, cynically I could say it’s a little self-serving to scare people into buying supplies as quickly as possible and shifting that cash-flow to just a little earlier in the year… but here in the Philly area we still are having 2020 Christmas […]
  • Wireless USB stick update
    Hopefully the last time I’ll take up time with this, but I’ve built the pre-configured image for the SD card. The from-scratch steps were all just copy-pasting but it is a lot of copy-pasting so it sounds pretty intimidating. So here’s all you’ll need to do to make a USB-type embroidery machine (or any other […]
  • Happy Labor Day (US)
    Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention (possible!) but I feel like there was a lot of stuff that got elided in my public-school education. Anyway, happy cookout day from me and my 100% employee-owned business.
  • Leveling up
    “List beanie dragon design” has been a task in my TaskWarrior since I set it up and, uh, it hasn’t happened yet. I messed around with a hands-free camera setup for the TikTok experiment, using the ubiquitous Tryone gooseneck. That is a problem because (1) attaching it to the table where the embroidery machine is […]
  • Long hoops and Etsy changes
    First, the happy news: I put up a tutorial yesterday on using 5×12″ multi-attachment hoops. I mean, it works on any size of multi-attachment hoop, but that’s the only one I know of that works that way. I’ve heard rumors one exists for the 400e, which would be neat: I’d like to be able to […]
  • So I’m on TikTok
    Not sure how much I’ll contribute; fun as it is I always have to remind myself it has to help sales. I’m hoping it’ll be a good way to promote the Adventuring Parties; first I gotta finish them.
  • My embroidery machines are on wifi now
    It works! I can test-resize one of my little SVG dragons, do a Save As to a PES or JEF right out of Inkscape, turn on my embroidery machine, and it’ll be right there on what the machine believes is its thumb drive. Or for a pre-built design, I can just copy it to a […]
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