• Purple dragonborn paladin
    I’ve been a little radio-silent for the last week for a couple reasons, and this is one of them. I have wanted to make one of Choly Knight’s anthro dragons for some time, and I decided to make one for my husband for Father’s Day. And so I did. It needs some better photography; the […]
  • Golden Pernese dragon
    I promised I was going to start working on larger dragons (and other things) and indeed I have. One of the Mystery Bundles has arrived at its destination so I can reveal at least one of its contents: a Choly Knight neck dragon with in a Pernese style. It has wired wings and body, and […]
  • Dropped a drop
    While the scheduled shop drops have mostly kept me on track, they obviously haven’t entirely done it, and if you’ve been keeping track this past Saturday should have been a drop and… it wasn’t. I’m going to go ahead and list the mystique dragons when they’re finished rather than wait for a drop since they’re […]
  • Freebie Friday: Shoe Charm Snap Tab
    I feel like this is a rerun of Monday because here’s the promised freebie design, and also the mailman just delivered that Whelan tote and dice bag. And I’ve been working on a lot of mystery dragons so I don’t have much to show pictures of, either. Tomorrow’s a shop drop but I also don’t […]
  • Charm holders and more Whelan
    As per usual, I spent some time distracted by brightly-colored objects. Result: snap tabs that hold interchangeable shoe charms (Jibbitz being the official version, which these are not). I may noodle around with bracelet versions before Freebie Friday, but a single adult-sized one barely fits (on the diagonal) in a 5×7 hoop so I’m not […]
  • Freebie Friday: Vaccination Patch or Snap Tab
    My husband bought us all some “Vaccinated” pins because we’re in that weird limbo phase where we can now go un-masked most places, but also we aren’t always comfortable doing so and/or don’t want to pressure not-yet-vaxxed folks to unmask, but also we don’t want to imply that the mask means we’re not vaxxed, and […]
  • Larger dragons
    The largest dragon I usually make is four or five inches tall (that’s the Cherry/Raspberry Sno-Cone in 4″, who also makes a pretty good trans pride flag dragon for June). That’s as big as will fit in my embroidery machine; while I do have a lot of experience with conventional sewing, I kind of hate […]
  • Happy Memorial Day!
  • Friday Freebie: Love Bug License Plate Snap Tab
    I’ve gotten a little stalled on revising the older snap tabs (as you may have noticed by the absence of posts the last couple Fridays) and the machine’s been tied up doing butterfly wings for so long that I haven’t done much with vinyl. But Gabe and Herbie needed some more snap tabs (and Gabe […]
  • Will It Blend?
    It’s been awhile since I did a “stick something in the embroidery machine and see what happens.” I decided that, rather than make a boring embroidered dot for the license plate screws, I’d put some scrapbooking brads in these fobs. There are actually brads that look like screw heads but I don’t have any that […]
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