Between special orders and the Wichita trip (where I took the tablet but no laptop), and the fact that font creation changes in the upcoming Ink/Stitch, I’ve suspended my Inktober project. I could install a newer version out of the repo, but I feel like messing with my install when I’m already behind on stocking the shop is a bad idea. And I’m falling further behind – today I shipped out every single finished minky 3″ baby that was in the shop, plus two more I finished last night.

I’m not even sure postponing to November will work out. It might be January. I mean, as I continue to harp on: stuff shipped in late November may not arrive in time for Christmas. But if people will continue to optimistically buy it then, I guess I’m bound to put as much in the shop for them as I can, or I’m leaving money on the table.

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