The updated ampersand

Now that the pandemic is over receding, we really should find a roleplaying group again. Our (college-age) kid was in one Before, and I made these for the group. They came up in the “time to revise for new Ink/Stitch” rotation, and I remembered just how awful cutting out round snap tabs was – so here’s a nice straight-line version, with the D&D logo on a hexagon suggesting a twenty-sider. If you don’t like the internal lines (they appear on the back, too) it’s easy enough to take them out and it won’t even add any jumps.

Nothing has changed about the logo; if you’d like to drop it into a snap tray instead just pull those paths out and drop it on the Design layer. If you scale it up enough, think about changing it to a satin stitch.

The mermaid dice set is in the Etsy shop right now; I renewed it ahead of tomorrow’s (tiny) shop drop.

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