The even-more-updated beanie dragon

In the past, my beanie/kuttari dragons reflected the usual style of ITH plushies, and had the head sewn directly to the body. I’ve actually made a couple of longer-necked beanie dragons in the past, though not the Pernese style – and at the smaller size, they were much stiffer than this one and I wasn’t entirely happy with them.

I’m still not entirely pleased with it, though I think that’s mostly because I’ve sewn so many little beanies that their hunched shoulders seem normal to me.

They also have the more forward-swept wings of the standing-dragon babies.

Shifting the beans around means they’re much more poseable. Mostly that just makes me want to work on the larger poseables, but this week I’m making an Adventuring Party instead: four Choly Knight chibi dolls.

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