I wore a KN95 while traveling, except brief periods to eat and drink – but apparently that was enough for something I was not vaccinated against to sneak in. So no dragons this week after all, lest they serve as little plush fomites. I’ve stuck to messing with computer stuff – updating designs, and working […]

Happy New Jersey Day!

If you’ve been using Feedburner to get posts by mail, this will be the last one. You can subscribe by mail on this site’s home page. New Jersey Day was yesterday, but close enough. I honored it early by carrying my pork-roll purse on the trip, inside the backpack that’s my carry-on. Now that I […]

On the ground in PHL

When they say “In the unlikely event of a water landing, your seat cushion becomes a flotation device,” everybody laughs… but the Philadelphia airport is on a former island and the parts that got filled in to join it to the mainland are not off the ends of the runway. It always looks like it’s […]

I’ll be right back

Just gonna check out the other side of this door real quick. (Not gonna make a shop drop this Saturday; more details in a week or so. Nothing too serious, just a confluence of several smaller delays.)

Downtime week

I and one of my assistants have been spending some time learning how to use the new Cameo 4, but we haven’t had any more hands-on (or paws-on) time with it yet. I’ve also been cutting out (by hand) all kinds of fabric for the Adventuring Party’s costumes, but I haven’t started assembling anything yet. […]

How not to use a Cameo 4

I was kind of hoping today’s blog post would be showing how to use a Cameo 4 to cut minky but I’ve ended up only spending a few minutes playing with it so far. All I’ve learned is that it does have a lot more pressure than previous Cameos. I just have to find the […]

The party of the first part

I’m having entirely too much fun playing mix-and-match with the pieces of Choly Knight’s chibi doll series. I used a random character generator to build a party of first-level D&D characters, mostly randomly. I wanted one of each of the 4e roles, I wanted four different species (and no dwarves or halflings yet), but otherwise […]

Dragons on my worktable

My wrist is still recovering; it was bothering me before I tackled the armor for the dragon paladin and sewing snaps on vinyl really aggravated it. I am not sure where my wrist brace got to and I realized I hadn’t seen it since the move so I broke down and bought another yesterday and […]