The mini-comp cover revised, and hatching a dragon

The ongoing project to bring all the freebies up to current Ink/Stitch standards continues with the revision of the Mini Composition Book Cover. I had a request to restock the Shadow Dragon and realized I had almost no fold-over elastic left after the early-pandemic elastic shortage (extended family members sported masks with unusually-festive elastic colors for awhile). Got those restocked – Hobby Lobby carries 3yd rolls compared to JoAnn’s 1yd packets, though when I got home and entered my receipts I realized HL didn’t honor the 50%-off sale on them. It’s 2021 and they still rely on cashiers remembering all the sales and knowing what actually qualifies, but I guess they make more money that way.

Aaaaanyway, here’s my latest critter from a slightly-modified Choly Knight pattern. In the third book of the original Dragonriders of Pern trilogy, the eponymous White Dragon is too small to get out of his egg without assistance. This white dragon also needs assistance to get out of its egg… or back into it. (Spoiler: that doesn’t happen in the book.) It’s a cute, though slightly temperamental pattern, and I’ll probably make some more of them, in other colors/styles.

The other large plushie in tomorrow’s shop drop is not a dragon or even a mythical creature at all, except in the sense that an otter that likes to curl around your neck is unrealistic. Of course if it doesn’t show up, you know I got too occupied playing with a new toy: I’m about to head out to my FLQS to pick up a new-to-me Janome embroidery machine. Just what I needed: yet another bobbin type.

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