Larger dragons

The largest dragon I usually make is four or five inches tall (that’s the Cherry/Raspberry Sno-Cone in 4″, who also makes a pretty good trans pride flag dragon for June). That’s as big as will fit in my embroidery machine; while I do have a lot of experience with conventional sewing, I kind of hate the pattern transfer and cutting and whatnot involved and the sewing robot eliminates all that.

But sometimes it’s pretty neat to have a big critter with detailed embroidery eyes. These are some of Choly Knight‘s; I’ve designed some of my own but when someone else has done the work for you, sometimes it’s nice to just pay it done. That’s a 3″ baby (White Rainbow Sparkle, though the rainbow foil doesn’t sparkle much under the worktable light) for scale.

I’m not going to post more than the tease for these since they miiiiight be in the Mystery Bundles, but I do plan to do some standalone larger dragons this year.

I’ve contemplated upgrading my cutting-machine game from the Cameo to the Cameo 4, but then again I am not sure even the 12×24 mat would be large enough for all of these pieces – plus, pre-cutting a rectangle for the mat ends up using a lot more fabric than just biting the bullet and cutting my pieces the old-fashioned way.

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