Another UFO Monday

It’s another shop-drop week and I currently have one (1) dragon finished.

I have not been not-busy, I’ve just gone down a couple of rabbit trails – the Oreo, revamping the Pernese dragon fobs, stitching out some more Love Bug Trumps Hate fobs, finally making a test shoulder dragon (sometimes first drafts look like sweet potatoes). I made a gray dragon with a Delco beard for… reasons. Okay, that one’s actually a UFO.

The UFOs I am working on for the drop are mostly fairy dragons – three monarchs, a sunset moth or two, a dragonfly… dragon. (Dragondragonfly? Dragonsfly? Dragon^2fly?), a couple painted ladies. I broke down and bought a bobbin winder, and that has helped though it’s not built to reel thread off cones and I’ll need a better setup for it.

Yes, I have those little silicone bobbin clips. I really should use them. Also the mess in the right slot is why I got a bobbin winder.

This should be the end of the fairy dragons for awhile; I have some more sparkly and scaly fabrics showing up this week or next, so it’ll be time for a return to those.

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