Will It Blend?

It’s been awhile since I did a “stick something in the embroidery machine and see what happens.” I decided that, rather than make a boring embroidered dot for the license plate screws, I’d put some scrapbooking brads in these fobs. There are actually brads that look like screw heads but I don’t have any that […]

Help, I can’t stop making butterfly dragons

I said the last shop drop would be the last fairy dragons for awhile but, uh, they’re still happening. It’s not my fault the embroidery design companies all put their butterfly designs on sale the week I started doing these, but now I have more designs than I’ve stitched out… and I keep doing monarchs […]

Another Taskwarrior brainstorm

Still working my way through the partially-finished dragon stash, and have made an important change to my Taskwarrior setup. I have complained about the recurring tasks swamping the one-time stuff, and had ended up with a little scratch spreadsheet where I was taking notes on each dragon type I wanted to make. And then I […]

Another UFO Monday

It’s another shop-drop week and I currently have one (1) dragon finished. I have not been not-busy, I’ve just gone down a couple of rabbit trails – the Oreo, revamping the Pernese dragon fobs, stitching out some more Love Bug Trumps Hate fobs, finally making a test shoulder dragon (sometimes first drafts look like sweet […]

Have a cookie

Some days my ADHD is perfectly under control. Other days I get obsessed with making an embroidery pattern for an Oreo cookie because someone asked about using hot glue on minky. It turned out they were a newbie trying to figure out how to attach the layers of a sandwich cookie. And that’s a thing […]

Still in transit, still arriving late

If you keep track of these things (which seems unlikely) you’ll have noticed I missed the Friday blog post; Carl’s mom had a health scare and I bundled him onto a plane. Fortunately it ended up being fine, and he got to have a relative nice Mother’s Day visit. So it was a relatively tiny […]

The new Ink/Stitch is here!

Of course, it requires Inkscape 1.0 and I’ve been on 0.92 because there’s been a bug for months that keeps the AppImage from running on Debian, the ppa they list for Ubuntu does not get along with Debian, and I categorically refuse to install another package manager so I’m not trying the Flatpak version (though […]

Embroidered fairy wings

I used up all my heavy wash-away stabilizer making the lace wings for the previous shop drop, but I was still in the mood to make some fun dragon wings. The canary minky restock arrived so I could do a proper set of rosy maple moth dragons – an applique design I made awhile back […]