Good news, bad news

Partway through a large(ish) restocking push this week, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t make the plain little plush dragons fast enough to make my revenue targets, at current prices. I had already come to the conclusion that I can’t sell dragons fast enough to make my targets, also at current prices. […]

More anniversary musings

Last time I mentioned this, I kind of gave the “how I got here” recap. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the “where do I go from here” plan. My initial idea was that I would try it for a year and see if it was making money. At the one-year point? I was shut […]

Felt pig

This pattern is popular enough for a French site to steal, so I guess it’s time to bring it into the new site. Let’s jump in the time machine, and travel back to 2007. Back to a year when Oscar the Viking still had an upper cover, and the Kunin website had some simple dog […]

Cohoot plushie

It is about to be a fourth Saturday so you know what that means: OH CRUD I GOTTA ACTUALLY FINISH SOME PROJECTS! I talked about the Daruma-doll “cohoot” in the potion dangle design, and it has not the fauxmiibo stickers but sturdy little PVC “coins,” one in each wing and one in the tail. That’s […]

Embroidering on mochi

I had someone ask how well mochi took embroidery and had to admit that I had only done the dragon wings. Now I can say with more authority: it works fine. I had bought a whole bunch of flesh tones and decided I ought to actually sew some human-ish dolls. This is “Light Orange”, which […]


If you want to get technical, Silver Seams has been around since February of 2003 (or a little before, but that was when the domain was first registered). But in a very real sense it has its two-year anniversary last week and I didn’t really notice. The first sale was April 8, 2019, and was […]

An unexpected problem

Not the inadequate size of the light box (hello, corners!); that’s an ongoing issue. And not the inability to take a good picture for a change – these things are *very* camera-friendly. And not that these were cheap knockoffs; they’re properly licensed and in fact I was directed to them by the artist. No, the […]

Dragon dangle

Yep, it’s another little dragon fob, in dangle format this time. It’s an adaptation of a graphic from one of my favorite sources, the Noun Project. It’s the same technique I used for the water bottle carriers; the graphics are (alas) not line drawings, so I just remove the fill and running-stitch the outlines for […]

Mask up!

The foiled velvets may be my new favorites, but they are not my lungs’ favorites. Polyester velvets are great about throwing tiny, irritating fibers around, and I keep saying I’m going to get a valved N95 to use for them. This time I wore my everyday N95 (which is rapidly deteriorating, but no longer life-essential […]