Then and now

I have mentioned my patchwork multi-generation thread collection; I have finally started to run out of medium browns. A quick Internet search turned up that JP Coats 48A is “London Tan,” a color that’s still made by Coats & Clark. Not that I needed an exact match, but when buying online/curbside it’s nice to not […]

Valet Trays (2021 version)

Periodically I need to revisit older embroidery designs because Ink/Stitch has changed things and they no longer work quite right. In this case, I had used circle objects to represent snap placement, confident that Ink/Stitch could only handle them after they’d been turned into paths. Well, that’s changed, so I’ve moved the snaps onto a […]

Read the friendly manual

It is my inclination to impatiently head straight for the Let’s See Results stage of things, and so I have to admit I skimmed the instructions for the embroidery machine when I got it. Watch videos on how to use it? HA! Never. And so it is that I’ve had the thing for a year-and-change […]

Buried treasures

In the course of organizing the too many projects I have going on, I have also been figuring out which tiny-dragon colors need restocked and which ones have just never even gotten listed. The bejeweled beanie is literally Task ID (but not priority) 1 in my Taskwarrior list, but since I stopped stocking the beanie […]

Antisocial media

Facebook’s been leaning on me to do all kinds of wacky things with my business page. I’ve seen enough small biz folks bemoan changes in the Facebook algorithm, the Instagram algorithm, the Twitter algorithm, you name it, that I know better. I use FB to participate in plushie-making groups, and in groups related to particular […]

Tiny rainbow sparkle dragons!

Although I promised the rainbow sparkle dragons a week ago on the coming-soon newsletter, they didn’t appear because somehow I lost them. I’m sure I put them somewhere very safe (code in this household for “I put them somewhere out of the way temporarily and then promptly forgot where”) but I am utterly stumped. I […]

Pandemic shortages

I was very proud of myself for reordering my stabilizer before I really ran low, and then it didn’t ship for over a week. A week that I did a whole bunch of experimentation and used much more than usual. Oops. I can’t really get mad at anybody trying to run a warehouse business in […]

Too many projects

Still not getting caught up, but I’ve figured out a couple of important things. One, I realized I had gotten into a bad habit with Taskwarrior: I’d skip past all the overdue non-daily items to get to the daily stuff. That led to me treating all the overdue stuff as something to ignore. So I’m […]