Rainbow sparkle dragon!

Yes, I know I said I was going to only do restocks until I had the beanie dragon pattern ready for testing. We all know how that goes. Sometime next week I’ll have these three colors of dragons ready to go, along with the various bats, and probably some Valentine-themed special-edition dragons. If you’re not […]

Mochi color reference

In the course of organizing the work room, I uncovered my Shannon reference card and decided to build an equivalent for mochi (JoAnn’s “Pure Plush“) and compare the two fabrics color-wise. I don’t have a complete set yet, though now I have everything my local stores have had and a couple of others besides. There […]

Cheater minky, part II

Awhile back, I posted an entry about using the embroidery machine to do fiddly pieces on minky plush. It came up in a BeeZeeArts group, and I’ve fine-tuned my files a bit since then, so here they are. The original entry talks a bit more generally about how to make these kinds of files yourself, […]

One out of three ain’t bad

I’m accumulating way too many “things to do when I get the workroom project done.” The latest: taco fabrics. The filling looks good, but the tortillas need a lot of color tuning. (It’s even worse than the camera makes it look here.)

Back to mochi

Yep, just a smidge more about this new fabric type. Earlier posts are here and here. I’ve been camping on the website, checking every day in hopes that the plain white has been restocked either online or locally. Someone requested a restock on 4″ white dragons, and all I have is foiled mochi. The gold […]

I gave in to temptation

But only a little. It was a neat dragon design, I had to try it out. The larger version is going on a tablet sleeve for me, but I might re-do it in the purple/blue/cyan instead of shades-of-blue. It also looks neat, at least on my screen, in reversed colors (or un-reversed colors), if I […]