Getting ready for Halloween

The neighborhood consensus is that kids have lost enough, we’re going to do Halloween as normally as possible under the circumstances. I usually do something like a “pumpkin” patch (where the pumpkins are orange balloons attached to treat bags) anyway, and I think this year will be a u-pick apple orchard. I’ve got clothesline, and I’ve got a paper cutter to cut some paper apples out to put on the clothespins. There’s basically nothing the kids will touch that they aren’t keeping, and no need for me to interact directly, so the holiday is on.

I have a box of party favor type stuff, stickers and whatnot, that I’ll be adding to the bags once I’m done putting all the snaps in all the mask extenders. I’ll set up a little table with the hand sanitizer station and, once it gets too dark to see the “apples” without them, adequately-spaced dollar-store flashlights which they also get to keep.

And, of course, treats for pets. I caught Poppi nibbling on the corner of the package but he managed to look innocent before the camera triggered.

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