Getting ready for Halloween

The neighborhood consensus is that kids have lost enough, we’re going to do Halloween as normally as possible under the circumstances. I usually do something like a “pumpkin” patch (where the pumpkins are orange balloons attached to treat bags) anyway, and I think this year will be a u-pick apple orchard. I’ve got clothesline, and […]

Spheres and eggs

Approximately 95% of my web traffic is Pinterest referrals from these 2007 spheres, which is kind of depressing because really, I like to think I make much more interesting patterns. But okay, you can’t beat the basics. It’s been 404’ing for years so let me resurrect that so there’s a little more explanation. There are […]

The most logical thing to do

… when you are behind on your to-do list is to add more big projects, right? (Well, it is for me.) In any event, I can’t stop collecting shiny cottons. So I finally went ahead and sprang for the CirquellCuriosities dragon pattern, which is more suitable for non-stretchy fabrics than any of my current patterns. […]

Pyramid pouch

Some of the shiny fabrics I snagged at JoAnn this week were foiled cottons – good for dragon wings but not so much for dragons, which require a stretchy fabric. Six yards will go a long way in just dragon wings, so I thought I’d use some of it for other things. I decided, with […]


I’ve continued to mess around with variations on the dragons with print cotton wings. Both sides cotton is not generally stiff enough to stand on its own, so the latest iteration is minky on the underside, embroidered print on top. What I really need is a dragon that’s sitting with its under-wings exposed like the […]