Even more dice

I’ve been acquiring dice faster than I can come up with dice trays that match them. Normally this wouldn’t merit a blog post, but I’m going to list one in the on-site shop and see what it looks like in the crossposts. I mean, I’m going to list eighteen, but I’m definitely not going to let all eighteen make a separate post on Facebook, Twitter, and Mastodon.

At any rate, they’ll sit in the on-site shop here until I make a matching dice tray/bag/whatever, then they’ll move over to Etsy. Since they’re not hand-made (by me, anyway), they don’t get listed by themselves over there. I’ve managed to resist investing in resin casting equipment so far (even though we already have a compressor and safety equipment and whatnot). The fact that I’m spending most of my day sorting through and purging old craft supplies certainly does help supplement the ol’ willpower.

Fun fact: those chrome ones are vacuum-plated acrylic. All the shiny of metal dice, none of the table-gouging. I did get some nice patina’d actual-metal ones too, but they’re not in the sets that got their portaits taken today.

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