Plodding through listings

It turns out to be difficult to track out-of-stock colors in multi-option listings, so I’ve been gradually breaking out all those into single-color listings. It turns out that’s a lot of listings. I also don’t have a complete photo set for all colors of dragons, so that means photography – and I don’t necessarily have current stock on all colors to do photography of. So yes, this may have been a poor decision.

Especially because rushed photography leads to not noticing things like a wild thread in a beanie dragon’s eye until later. I couldn’t come up with an appropriate themed sale so I just went with a percent-off. The shop-header banner has the handful-of-jeweltones picture, which is great except then I realized that’s $72 worth of dragons and the sale makes it seem like that’s over $100. So I changed the sale to 10% off $50.

Clearly I need to not rush so much, so I also added a TaskWarrior reminder to change the shop header and sale before the first of the month next time.

And maybe before the first of next month I’ll have some actually-new listings.

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