Christmas in July?

If you subscribe to my shop announcements you’ll have gotten a sneak peek at those dice. Those particular ones will land in the shop this week, but they’re really just samples for the countdown calendars that I’ll be doing again this November(ish). This time I’m shooting for a little more lead time, obviously, and something a little fancier.

In wren news: Mrs. Wren has roofed over the nest a bit, and is still sitting on eggs as of Saturday, though yesterday something was peeping over in that direction so we might have a hatchling. I opted not to pester her any further, but the hose reel is right under the bay window so hopefully we’ll have front-row seats to the eventual fledging. For now I’m just hoping they all make it through our heat wave okay. Ninety degrees here is the equivalent of a hundred back in Kansas… and it’s almost hundred degrees here.

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