Wren update

The adult wrens weren’t around when I went to refill the bird bath yesterday, but they’d been hauling bugs all morning so I knew there were hatchlings. I risked sneaking up, sticking the phone to the opening and clicking blindly and sure enough, there they were. I’m trying not to let them get too acclimated […]

Adventures in product photography

I was supposed to have gotten the first batch of the coordinating dice/tray sets on Etsy by now but, uh, turns out taking pictures of sparkly dice is about as hard as taking pictures of sparkly dragon eyes and if you follow me on Mastodon you know I struggle with that too. Another batch arrived, […]

Take your vitamins

It has been just short of two months since I started using TaskWarrior, and I gotta admit… it’s going well? I’m not sure if it’s TaskWarrior or the vitamin D (you can skip to that if you’re not interested in to-do list stuff). Stephanie over the river at Exit 343 Designs (maker of the sticker […]

Christmas in July?

If you subscribe to my shop announcements you’ll have gotten a sneak peek at those dice. Those particular ones will land in the shop this week, but they’re really just samples for the countdown calendars that I’ll be doing again this November(ish). This time I’m shooting for a little more lead time, obviously, and something […]

Roundup: Practical sewing projects

I gotta admit: I don’t do a lot of practical sewing. When I do, most of it is gifts and I don’t take many pictures of those. But I love to subscribe to blogs about them, and squirrel away ideas for future gifts, so here’s some of them. SewingTimes has videos, which make me feel […]

The Carolina Wren

Today was “change the bird bath water” day, in the ongoing war against both algae and mosquito larvae. There’s a hose reel mounted on the back of the house that hasn’t been reeled since we moved in – there’s just enough unrolled to reach the bird bath. I leaned up against the bay window above […]

Roundup: Snap tab supplies

I’ve mentioned a lot of these things in various posts about my freebie designs, but it’s time to put them all in one place. Bunch of Amazon affiliate links, but I’ll talk about other places I get things. I’m kind of targeting the would-be small Etsy seller because, well, that’s what I am. You might […]