To list fabric, or not?

I am still [mostly] obeying my boss the to-do list, so it is time to finally work on getting rid of the bulky faux furs. You may recall that last time I started this, I ended up making a giant plush Mew (which yes, is still unfinished – let me just put that on the list) so this time I’m going to be more resolute about actually selling stuff.

It’s probably good practice for learning the light box’s quirks, and my camera’s. The first time I shot the purple fur, it came out very blue. This time I locked the white balance on the neutral backdrop. Next I need to remember to zoom in so I don’t have to deal with cropping.

The next question is whether I should set up a separate Etsy shop for the furs. I don’t want to overload the current shop with them, so if I didn’t set up a second one I would only list two or three at any given time. Decisions, decisions.

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