Paper-straw himmeli

Advent 2019 – Day 5 While cleaning up the workroom, I came across a pack of paper straws 📦 I bought for the kid some time back after a brief obsession with a brass icosahedron knick-knack. The obsession was brief enough that nothing got done with the straws… until now. I chose an icosahedron because […]

Doctor Who Icon Snap Tab

Advent 2019 Day 3 A quick little freebie today: the Tardis icon from the most-recent-but-one Doctor Who logo. It comes in a 4-up (for 4″ machines) and 7-up version (for 5×7 and larger) but the SVG file is included in all of them so you can crop out all but one if you’d prefer. It […]

Free SVG Alphabet – Handwritten Monoline Script

Advent 2019 Day 2 One of the things I’ve been most disappointed in is the availability of lettering for embroidery. Or rather, the reliability. So here’s an alphabet that’s in SVG form, so you can edit it yourself. It’s (somewhat roughly) based on Amalina, a font by Subectype, and is only the lowercase 26-letter English […]

Basic Hipster Bag with Interchangeable Flaps

Advent 2019 Day 1 As I’ve mentioned in the past, I made a whole batch of little hipster bags for a Florida trip with my sister and nieces. I’m kicking off a little Advent calendar of different freebies, and the Basic Hipster is the first. This is a picture-heavy post, though the actual bag isn’t […]