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Olivia at the boarder

Traveling for the holidays, another death in the family, racing up the learning curve on the new machine, and researching what it will take to restart Silver-Seams-the-business as well as Silver-Seams-the-blog have meant I’ve been really bad about updating Silver-Seams-the-blog. Doubly so since I had decided I wasn’t going to make it a blog full of unfinished projects and, well, all I have right now are unfinished projects.

If you follow me on Mastodon, you’ll get to see all my experiments as they happen. I’ll roll up the best of the process pictures into some making-of posts after I have the projects finished, but Mastodon is for all the gory details and the occasional semi-crowdsourced design choice. You can subscribe via RSS if you don’t have a Mastodon account, or sign up for one if you want an account. They’re like email accounts: no matter where you signed up you can follow me, so choose a site that appeals to you, check a hashtag like #sewing for some people to follow, and you’re off!

I’d like to say I’m going to finish the ice dragon I mentioned there this week, but first I have to dust off my bookbinding skills and finish the shadowbox for the seventy felt cats I made for my mother-in-law’s birthday last year. My husband flew back and he, his brothers, and my sister-in-law hung them as a garland the length of her living room for the party and… they’re still up. So really this is a present for my (fairly tolerant) father-in-law. After that, I’m hoping to get a few Valentine dragons put together for the Etsy shop in time to actually ship them for Valentine’s Day.

At least the cats have recovered from their week(!) at the boarder… who sent us these pictures with the boilerplate email “I miss you, but I’m having so much fun” which probably works better for the dogs they board than for the cats.

Ramses at the boarder

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