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In a perfect world (where I had blog entries queued up in case of schedule disruptions) I’d have another pattern here - probably the sun conure. But I don’t and my Spoonflower order arrived today so I’ll just Part-II Monday’s review by saying: the fleece makes me much happier than the minky.

Closeup of printed fleece

The yard of Halloween owls arrived and it is very nice. The colors are intense and while the print isn’t quite as sharp as the Celosia velvet it’s very sharp for fleece. The black is very black though the fabric has a significant sheen that somewhat counteracts it.

Closeup of printed fleece

As I mentioned, Spoonflower makes it clear that it’s a “thin fleece.” It is, but it’s not a cheap fleece. I’d call it “low-loft” rather than “thin” but maybe that’s not the correct terminology in the fleece business. Pulling a quarter-inch strip makes a nice curl - this is a neat trick to do for fringe in fleece. Cheap fleece will come apart if you pull too hard and this fleece doesn’t. Cheap fleece will also stretch out of shape easily and this fleece doesn’t. It also feels nice to the touch - not exactly plush but still soft.

I already spent part of this afternoon taking pictures of a soft-sculpture dragon in my backyard so I decided not to wrap myself in a yard of cut-and-sew and go out there to see how well the fleece stands up to wind. It seems about as warm as I expected when I did it inside which is to say: not very warm but still pretty good considering its thickness. I’d expect it to fluff up a little more on washing, and the unprinted side is already little fuzzier than the printed side, so if the color doesn’t fade it would be a nice fleece to work with for clothing. I might use a thicker conventional fleece as a lining if I wanted a fleece coat but it is pretty much perfect for sleep pants and such.

It’s also pretty nice for plushies, if you don’t mind the complete lack of any significant pile. Fleece is super-easy to machine- or hand-sew, especially compared to slippery, stretchy minky. It’s not as good for more structured things like most of my patterns which are more soft sculpture than plushie, but for fun squishy critters I think I like it better than the minky.

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