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Cut-and-sewn plushies by Choly Knight/Sew Desu Ne?

A while back, I ordered some Sew Desu New cut-and-sew designs to sew up for my nieces; if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’ve sewn non-printed versions of some of her designs, from both her free and pay-for patterns. I don’t have an embroidery machine, though, and doing applique eyes and markings on slippery, stretchy minky is tedious. The pre-printed faces make sewing the designs much faster, and I highly recommend it.

I was very impressed by Spoonflower’s upholstery velvet, as I have mentioned before - they included a swatch in the order with this minky, and it was a black-background pattern. Very sharp, yet the color is very deep in the very dense pile. The minky… not so much. It’s a thin pile, not even as dense as the JoAnn basic minky much less the Shannon Minky I’ve gotten from The printing is sharp, but not deep - you don’t have to look too closely at that picture to see the white base fabric showing through at the black cat’s chin seam, or both cats’ tail fin edge.

Granted, the use case for minky is more often blankets, in which situation the main printed part is going to be lying flat and not showing the unprinted “underfur.” But it’s still kind of a mediocre minky. I’d definitely only use it for cases where the printing really adds something. Which I’ll admit: the multicolored mermaid kitty tails definitely do.

Choly also recommends fleece as an alternative, so I have to admit I bought a yard of her Halloween owls to see how that works. (Sure, I could have just ordered a fleece swatch, but where’s the fun in that?) Spoonflower is very up-front that it’s a “thin fleece,” but we’ll see what the hand is like. I don’t have high expectations, but it was still worth it for the cute pattern.

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