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I had a plan to post the Flower Bear winner on this past Monday, but life (and almost death) intervened. I had to race back to Wichita for a family emergency, and while I had my portable computer with me I was relying on my phone most of the time. So I preserved the mailing-list records and left it be until I got back, and now I’ve done the drawing and notified the winner. I haven’t heard back (check your spam folder, GMail users) to see exactly how they want to be credited, but when I do I’ll post the official win announcement.

I’m still getting organized post-trip, but my Spoonflower order arrived while I was gone (the day I left, in fact) and I’m excited about what’s going on there.

Flower bear cut-and-sew

Flower Bear is pretty easy to make with off-the-shelf solid-color upholstery velvet, but I’ve been experimenting with cut-and-sew versions. I’m open to suggestions for themed bears!

Sun conure cut-and-sew

I’m really pleased with the sun conure cut-and-sew, at least for a first draft without a color swatch chart. The grays in the underside of the wing came out darker than my screen and the feather markings are a little too subtle, but it should only take one more round to fix it. I’m going to sew this one up and make sure I haven’t forgotten any pattern pieces or anything - it’s been over a decade since I created this pattern.

I also finally have a nearly-finished dragon, but before I wrap that up I’ve got some cut-and-sew merkitties (not my design) to finish and mail out for my nieces’ birthday first. (Yes, if I’d been ahead on my sewing schedule I could have just tossed them in my suitcase. But this certainly wasn’t a planned trip.)

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