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Welcome to the blog reboot! Let’s kick things off with a giveaway. Meet Flower Bear:

Miniature bear with a sunflower ruff

This little bear is made from upholstery velvet and a “silk” flower, and I’ll give it away on October 1 to one lucky mailing-list subscriber — if you’ve signed up by midnight EDT, September 30, 2018, you’re in the drawing.

Miniature bear with a sunflower ruff

For the impatient, Flower Bear and Bunny fat quarters will be available from my Spoonflower shop so you can make your own. Or you can buy your own upholstery fabric and use the free pattern coming up in Friday’s entry.

Miniature bear with a sunflower ruff

Silver Seams mailing lists are managed by the automated system at If you have trouble, don’t reply to the bot - contact me via the info in the sidebar here (it’s also in the mail headers under List-Owner).

Each of these options will open an email with a pre-set subject. You’ll then get a confirmation email (“double opt-in”) that you’ll need to respond to before you actually get list emails.

The alert list will send out early warnings when the Silver Seams Etsy Store is about to be restocked, or when eBay auctions are starting/ending.

  • Subscribe to alerts - Send an email to with the subject “subscribe ssalerts”.

If you don’t use a feed reader, you can receive Silver Seams blog entries via email:

Unsubscription links will be in every email. If you don’t have one of the emails handy:

Privacy notice: Your email address is all that gets saved by seamripper, and I don’t sell them or rent them out or anything like that. The whole thing happens on my server; no MailChimp or other third party involved. You’re entirely in control of your subscription (I mean, I’ll help you subscribe or unsubscribe if you ask), and I don’t use them for anything outside of the lists except the drawings (which happen entirely in-house, no sharing the list with some random-drawing service). Oh, and if you win I’ll send you an email to ask you where to mail your prize, and that information only gets used to send the prize, and not saved on the website or anything wacky like that.

Miniature bear with a sunflower ruff

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