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I have twin nieces, who are into mermaids and unicorns. When I told my teenage son that was the joint birthday party theme he said, “So… narwhals then?”

They’re also into Beanie Boos, and there is no Boo narwhal. So when I saw Choly Knight’s pattern I knew what I had to do.

A pair of plush narwhals

It’s a super-easy pattern, and one of her free ones, though let me just say if you’re getting your minky from JoAnn do NOT decide you want a true pink and get the Sew Lush double-sided stuff. Stick with the Soft N Comfy, which only comes in “shell pink” but which has enough body that you’re not feeling like you’re trying to sew pizza dough.

I modified the project a little, replacing the appliqued eyes with safety eyes (from Glass Eyes Online more in the interests of streamlining, though the Beanie Boo vibe is a nice side effect. And the wildlife artist in me just couldn’t take the artistic license of putting the horn on their forehead. They’re properly placed as a left tusk. Real narwhals are usually left-handed, though some have a right tusk instead and a very few have both. Most females are tuskless, though a not-insignificant percentage has one or two.

These are all left-placed, because when you’re mass-producing for kids, you don’t want them to have to make too many decisions.

A box of plush narwhals

Overall, it was a good theme for compromising. I’m not sure I would have done with, say, Paul and Maureen’s theme(s).

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