Revisiting the sun conure

Way back in - I looked it up - 2006, I made a felt sun conure pattern. It has a jointed neck, and (slightly) jointed wings.

Sun conure front

I made a test bird, out of craft-store felt and with pipe-cleaner foot armatures. (It only perches if very carefully balanced. No grip strength.)

Sun conure back

The poor thing has survived being tossed on shelves, shoved in boxes, and generally neglected. It’s been the subject of many Python sketch quotes.

Sun conure with ribbon

It still has its ID tag and ribbon from its entry in the Kansas State Fair. Third place.

Sun conure side

This is probably better than it deserved, considering the judges didn’t know it was an original pattern, and considering the stitching is a little rough. And that it can’t really stand on its own.

Sun conure face

I was pretty pleased with the pattern… and then for almost eleven years didn’t acquire (or dye) wool felt in the colors to make a “real” version.

Well, I’ve done that now, so it’s time to sew another conure, and put together a photo tutorial while I do it.