Another 100 Days

Market Scene

I haven’t finished the first one, but I started another 100 Day Project and this one is going much better. I grumblingly authorized my Instagram account🔗, and sort of randomly fell into the thing I was doing at the time: making paper houses.

It’s about as niche as you can get: fantasy tabletop game buildings, made of machine-cut paper, that fold flat for storage. There are a ton of print-and-cut buildings you can buy online and put together for your roleplaying game or wargame. And that makes sense - even if you don’t have a fancy printer, you probably have a neighborhood copy shop that can print the things out. The same used to be true of scrapbooking stores, where you could rent time on a Cricut and an embosser, but those have mostly been put out of business by big-box stores. And certainly they’re too labor-intensive to make and sell given a typical gamer’s budget. And even for personal use, we haven’t played any miniatures-based games in a long time - not quite as long as the 1980’s-era cardboard standups in the pictures would lead you to believe, but still.

But it entertains me, and my few Instagram followers, so there I am. And I do have a couple of ideas for more-mainstream appeal, so we’ll see.

Herbalist's Cottage

As is typical for me, I’m flitting around from project to project, developing techniques and solving various mechanical problems. The street scene above includes a couple of test buildings, and some unfinished ones. The only really finished projects I have are two little ones, only one of which I’ve taken anything like a proper video of. Here’s the Herbalist’s Cottage, mounted in a little folder to make it easier to video the unfolding/folding process. The actual base is a 3x3” square, and the house’s footprint is just 2x2” - it’s small enough to fit in a (largish) greeting card.

Herbalist's Cottage animation

That’s fairly low FPS, but you get the idea. A proper version of the video is here on my IG feed although you have to put up with scratchy paper noises because I was not smart enough to click the “sound off” button on Instagram. If you look closely, you can see where I trimmed out part of the garden fence but it still hangs up - I decided it wasn’t worth re-making that piece but the garden square definitely needs to come away from the house.

I don’t expect to post every update here - you can follow me on Instagram, or use one of the RSS feed generators like WebstaMe to subscribe directly. If and when I release files, those will end up here, but really this is supposed to be a sewing blog, so it’s about time I got back to that.