Day 67 - finishing the paper dragon

Finished dragon

This is the second half of the instructions for the 2.5D paper dragon pattern. The first half is here.

Scored wings

Scoring the wings happens just like scoring the body, but don’t crease the scores quite so sharply.

Cat inspection

Make sure someone inspects your work.

Insert front tab

You’ll notice the little tabs-in-the-tabs were folded over along with the scoring in the earlier picture. Slide the front tab (the one with only one sub-tab) through the slot inside the valley fold behind the dragon’s arm. If you’re using color-on-one-side paper, the uncolored side will face out. This will look a little wrong, because you’re covering the side of the dragon with the white side, but it’s okay.

Insert back tab

Do the same thing with the back tab. The wing will have to curve quite a bit to fit, so you may have to temporarily flatten some of the wing folds to keep it from hanging up. When you’ve done that, unfold the tab-tabs and do the second wing.

Finished dragon on table

That’s it! Re-crease anything that came undone during wing assembly, make sure everything is lined up, and hang up your dragon. It’s top-heavy, so you’ll need to put threads on the wings to keep it from flying upside down.

I’ll have to get around to making a seated or standing dragon too. But if I’m going to finish the paper-mache dragon within #100DragonDays, I probably shouldn’t just yet.

I’ve been contemplating exactly how to accomplish that, though. I’ve already completely gone off #The100DayProject rails, so I’m not sure trying to get in some token effort every day, invariably late in the evening, is really working out for me. I probably should have waited to reboot until the dedicated craft space is set up, but it’s a paradox - the blog/100 Days keeps it top-of-mind so I (hopefully) keep moving forward on it, but on the other hand without much progress it can’t be all that interesting for anyone to follow along. On the other other hand, the papercraft bits actually tie back into plushie pattern drafting, and I have a partial blog post bouncing around in my head demonstrating that.

If you have thoughts on the matter, drop me a line at, or leave an Instagram comment.