Day 64 - Papercraft dragon drafting

Papercraft dragon profile

The papercraft dragon approaches finalization, but isn’t quite there yet. I’m happy with the head, but the hind legs still aren’t in quite the right position.

Papercraft dragon face, fuzzy

I decided to do an open mouth, which I had planned to reserve for the less-simplified version. I just wasn’t happy with the muzzle any other way. I did run into a technical problem, though - as you can see (in the less-fuzzy pictures, anyway), it’s still cardstock, and still has dashed fold lines. Ideally it should be made out of lighter paper, and with scored lines - but. After all the Christmas-card and -present making, the blade has finally dulled to the point it just chews up lighter paper, and now even runs into trouble on cardstock with sharp points like dragon claws and pupils.

Papercraft dragon head from above

Properly creased and in lighter paper, the head will have a little more definition - the forehead doesn’t come out quite so flat, and the brow line has a little more shape to it. In theory, I have a spare blade or two, but in practice I haven’t unpacked them yet. I’d run out and buy one, but it’s snowing and by tomorrow we might have three inches. (Or we might have a dusting, we’ll see.)

Worst case, I’ll keep sawing away with this blade at larger scale, so I should still have a pattern ready tomorrow even if I don’t have a proper model to show it off with. Although maybe I shouldn’t promise it… that might be asking for a power outage or something.