Day 63 and a half - oops

Paper dragon

I misplaced my camera last July(!) and what was going to be a pause in #The100DayProject (which, you may recall, I was already out of synch with) ended up being a little more than a pause.

I found the camera, but by then had lost my momentum. “I’ll just wait until I have a studio set up,” I said, and of course I’m still working on that.

Since it’s gotten so close to exactly six months, I figure I might as well make it an official six-month hiatus. I’ve managed to verify my Instagram account without having to put the app on my phone again (so weird) so I’ll play catch-up with some of those pictures, and Day 64 of #100DragonDays will be January 5. Hopefully I’ll have a finalized SVG for the paper dragon then - after cutting a bunch of Christmas cards and woven paper hearts and IQ light pieces for family members for Christmas, I decided to use the Cameo for myself a bit. It’s a fun toy, though technically it was my husband’s birthday gift awhile back, when he had the papercrafting bug.

Paper dragon face