Day 63 - wiggly squiggly dragon tail, take two

Dragon tail

Day 63 of #The100DayProject, and I’m kind of in reruns now.

The polyclay dragon achieved its tail by the simple expedient of printing out the Day 51 image and coloring over it on vellum paper. The spines are extra-fine Sharpie, though a little work with the folding bone gets them a little bit more dimension.

I’ll need to dig up some fiberfill to cook this, since I don’t want it flat. Baking the complete dragon is probably going to take a lot of fiberfill, and will be an interesting challenge. There’s no one medium that does it all - polyclay needs baked, air-dry shrinks, paper mache is messy and not directly moldable.

Almost 23 of the way into #100DragonDays and I don’t have a completed dragon to show yet. Better get moving (or change my hashtag…)