Day 62 - a fistful of dragon

Day 62 of #100DragonDays, and this dragon is just too tiny. Look at it! It’s so different from working with the big one.

Tiny dragon

Of course, it won’t be quite that small when it’s all put together, but after I assembled a tiny little talon on my finger, I had to pose the head and wing like this.

I overworked the head a bit, and ended up flattening it a little too much while smoothing the neck onto it, so I’m letting it cool off a little before working on it any more. Each line of polyclay is a little different - some get too mushy to work when they’re warm, others are too hard to work when they’re cold, and all of them change depending on how much of the plasticizer has leached out of them already. It’s been too long since I worked with polyclay and I can’t remember which is which, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Premo is on the mushy side.

In any event, I have been brainstorming what to have it perched on, and the answer came to me in the shower this morning. Picked up more Premo, found a little bit of gold for its hoard in the clearance section, and now I’m kind of excited to see it come together. But first I gotta let it cool down.

I’ll be back to the big dragon in a couple days. Don’t worry, it’ll get finished before the end of #The100DayProject… I’m pretty sure.