Day 60 - little paper dragon wings

Little paper dragon wings - outside

Day 60 of #100DragonDays, 35 of the way done. (I keep having this urge to say things like “X% of the way done” every day and come on if there’s 100 days every day is a percentage further along.)

In my head the 8 oz. chunk of discount polyclay I picked up awhile back was black, but it wasn’t, it was brown. I debated about using it anyway, and painting the finished dragon. But I hate to do that on something so little. Unfortunately it’s not little enough to make out of just one 2 oz. piece, which is what I got in black (for the claws).

Little paper dragon wings - inside

The vellum is stiffer, but the colors don’t come through as sharply as the tissue paper. If I do this again, I’ll look for a clearer vellum, or I’ll color both sides.

Of course, I might be back to working on the paper mache dragon in the next couple of #100DragonDays, because as I recall I picked up the Premo because that was the last block of any black polyclay they had and I don’t know how quickly they restock. Sometimes living in the sticks has its drawbacks.