Day 59 - a nice even ten days behind

Yep, I’m officially lagging well behind #The100DayProject official timeline. #100DragonDays clearly has its own pace.

Tiny dragon wing

And no, I’m totally not starting a whole new project.

… okay, yeah, I kind of am. But it’s a real quick one, I promise.

Fiddling with the vellum led to making tiny (half the scale of the original armature, so a quarter the scale of the paper mache dragon) papercraft wings. A field trip to the Manayunk Arts Festival and some tiny polymer-clay lizards (which I didn’t take pictures of because that would be rude, except now I can’t even find that vendor on the festival’s page) led to an irresistable urge to make a little polymer-clay dragon.

Tiny dragon wing backlit

I’m not thrilled with the texture of the cheapo pastel pencils and scrapbooking vellum. I’m sure I have proper artist vellum somewhere in the boxes to be unpacked, along with my good (though wax-based) colored pencils. But it’ll do for a real quick project.