Day 58 - when I say black dragon, I don't mean all-black

Dragon decoration

Day 58 of #100DragonDays, and I’m caught up in detail work again.

Still haven’t gotten the studio remotely cleared out, so I’m going to need to break down and work on the critter on the kitchen table again. Claw-gluing was making me cross-eyed, so I decided to work on other… tiny… details. Sure, that made sense. At least I’m mostly sticking to #The100DayProject, no matter how slow the forward progress it’s still progress forward.

I picked up some translucent vellum, since the papers were four-for and I only found two others I really cared for. I could only find my off-brand colored pencils, which kind of puzzled me because everything’s been going in lovely clear storage boxes and I was pretty sure I remembered putting my good Prismacolors in one, but no go. And the cheaper ones have an inexplicable color set that doesn’t include the purples and pinks and turquoises I really wanted (to match the eyes). So I got out the also-cheap pastel pencils, which don’t have a turquoise either but otherwise worked out, and they took to the vellum fairly well. This picture is with still-wet fixatif so I can’t cut and shape it yet, but eventually this will be a jaw frill.