Day 56 - same song, second verse

”… could be better but it’s gonna be worse”? No, I think I like it better.

Dragon claws

When I stopped by the craft store to get some quick-grab glue, scrapbook papers were on sale. And they had a black (charcoal, really) version of the “shimmer” paper I used on the teeth and first iteration of the claws. I liked the shimmer (not glitter, just shimmer) so had convinced myself the white would work but… no, a black dragon should have black claws.

Quick-grab glue feels a little like cheating. As far as I can tell, it’s just regular glue with less water, and you can get kind of the same effect by letting the glue dry out a little before applying it. And I have a gallon jug of Elmer’s up in the boxes I haven’t moved yet, so really I ought to use that. But hey, if I hadn’t stopped by for this, I’d still have pearly white claws.

I skipped a couple of days while moving boxes (so tired) but I’m going to just continue the numbering of #100DragonDays without a break. This puts me out of synch with the rest of #The100DayProject but it’s not like I’m posting to Instagram with everyone else anyway. I am echoing these entries (only) to my Twitter account, @gamehawk, and I’m following a couple of other 100-day-ers there, but that’s it.